Help: Tournament basic concept

In case of rules contradictions in different languages the priority is given to those in English.

Cossacks Empires is a tornament on Cossacks game. The games are conducted on GS and GSC server and their results influence the rating of the teams in the tournament.

Goal of the tournament

Cossacks Empires is a team toruney and the struggle here is primarily between teams-empires. Each empire has a territory on the map consisting of different provinces. Province- is a basic unit which is struggled for. Each empire has players who are called Empire warriors. There are two main types of struggle for the province - attack and defence.


In order to attack the player needs 10 gold units. Each player may choose which province he prefers to attack. In case of empire warrior, the provinces available for attack are defined followingly:

  • provinces neighboring with provinces of your empire;
  • if your province has an exit to the sea, then it is also possible to attack sea provinces being distant from the center of empire to certain extent. This distance depend on territory (number of provinces). The larger it is the greater challenge scope.

After selecting a province, the player chooses the rules of the future game and type of game (single or pair). The game nation is defined randomly. If an attacked province belongs to some empire, then this specific empire needs to defend. If the province is neutral, then empire-defender is selected by Vatican. the empire defending it province has two days to appoint a warrior-defender. If the defender isn't still appointed - the province is passed to an attacking empire.

The principles of attack of other players (barbarian, pirates, crusaders) - see the page of players classification


Only empire players-warriors can defend its provinces.

If it's a province of empire then in case of defeat, emipre loses the province. The player defending the province gets a reward of 5 gold units. if defender hasn't played a game and received a techincal defeat then he doesn't get any gold.

If the defence of neutral province happens, then player-defender doesn't lose anything in case of defeat. In case of victory he gets a reward of 10 gold units.


Gold is a main resourse in game. It is necessary for lots of actions - attack, empire foundation, diplomacy, etc. Both players and empires has gold.

Empire warriors get gold for defence of the provinces, as well as every several days some gold units are taken or added depending on type of ruling in empire. Barbarians and pirates get gold only through the robbery of the provinces.

Empires also has gold in their treasure. They earn gold through provinces and a capital. The amount of gold earned on a daily basis is defined by the size of empire and its type of ruling. The rulers administer the gold of Empire. The empire dailly wastes some amount of gold due to corruption. This amount depends on type of ruling.

The players may submit gold to empire treasure or their partners. The empires may submit gold both to their players and other empires. The taxes are applied while transferring the gold. Their size depends on type of ruling.

Capital city

The capital city plays an important role in the tournament. The sea provinces and vulnerable (where mutinies happen often) ones available for challenging depend on its location. The ruler may relocate the capital at any moment at his own dicretion. The cost for relocation of the capital city is 50 gold units. Select the place for the capital on the sea shore to have an exit to sea. The capital city is not attacked.


Occasionally, some provinces may have mutiny and take a neutral side. The frequency of mutiny depends on the empire size and type of ruling. See for detailed information in section Types of ruling. The further province from capital city, the more mutinies it'll have.