Help: Player's actions

In case of rules contradictions in different languages the priority is given to those in English.
The following operations are available in player's account:


the player may choose to attack the province. While selecting an attack mode the player needs to indicate:

  • the province he is willing to fight for
  • game options
  • game variant("1 vs 1" or "2 vs 2")
To cause an attack the empire warrior needs 10 gold units, for other classes the challenge is free of charge. The maximum number of simultaneous attacks is equal to 2.

Active battles

here the player can:
  • reply to a challenge.
    if your empire province is attacked you can voluntarily appoint yourself as a defender. For protection you get 5 gold units (besides defeat through T/D).
  • Add result.
    You need to choose a score and a winner. Afer confirmation by an opponent the result will be recorded and winner will get the province.
  • Confirm the result.
    If opponent has entered a result, you can either confirm or reject it.

Gold management

You can send gold to your partner or empire treasure. The transfer is tax obliged and its size depends on the type of ruling.