Help: Ruler's actions

In case of rules contradictions in different languages the priority is given to those in English.

Besides the options available to players, the ruler can run empire.

Appoint a player to game

If your empire is attacked you can appoint one of your players to protect it. This can be done in menu option "Challenges".

Replace the player

if one of your players can't play for some reason you can replace the player. It will cost 5 gold units. The action is available in menu option "Current battles".

Management of empire gold

Here you can send gold to one of your players. The taxes are applied while transferring the gold. Their size depends on type of ruling.


Here you can change the type of ruling in empire and its rulers.


The ruler on behalf of empire may hold the diplomatic negotiations with other sides.

Capital city

Here you can move the capital at any time on your own. The cost of transfer of the capital - 50 gold. Select the place for the capital on the sea shore to have an exit to sea. The capital city is not attacked.

Gold management

Here you can buy a province. The purchase price is 30 gold.