In case of rules contradictions in different languages the priority is given to those in English.

1. Empire nominations and rules

1.1 Empire contest is conducted in three nominations with the following rules:

1000, 0 pt nomination rules
1) Land
2) Plain
3) Deposits - lean
4) Start options - default
5) 1 game only
6) Played until two victories

$$$, 10 pt nomination rules
1) Continent
2) Plain
3) Deposits - lean
4) Start options - default
5) Baloon - on
6) 18th century - on
7) Capture - without peasants capture
8) No cannons, towers, walls and ships
9) Score game (45 min)
10) Hills are prohibited.
11) Played until two victories
12) Construction of transporters is allowed
13) Construction of sea ports and fish boats is allowed
14) Market trade (except for the first main one) must be made without pause mode
15) Order of fish boats on pause mode is forbidden
16) By default the game is played on a slow speed mode, if any arguments arise, the preference is given to slow speed mode
17) The speed mode fixed at the beginning of the game (slow or fast) must stay same throughout the game
18) If the units of one of the players crossed the pt line and this caused losses in the opponent's units', then both players must equal their armies or download auto save

5000, 20 pt no art, no dip center nomination rules
1) Land
2) Plain
3) Deposits - many
4) Start opitons - default
5) Capture - only artillery
6) No cannons, towers(inc. palisades), walls and warships / construction of sea ports and fish boats are allowed
7) Raids are allowed
8) Hills are prohibited
9) 1 game only
10) 1 game only

1.2. The following variants of games are possible: 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2. In case of 2 vs 2 game, the partners are selected from their tourney teams. The participation of a player that attacked the province and a player that protects it are compulsory.

1.3 Auto save for all nominations 4 min.

1.4 The game colors at all nominations can be any excluding black, white and purple.

1.5 In all games of specific challenge in Empire, the challengers must have same nation appointed by the system in random way. Exception is players-crusaders who choose nation at their discretion.

1.6 Admins of Empire may change the rules of each nomination,introduce new and eliminate existing ones.

2. Responsibility for cheating.

2.1 It is prohibited to use the cheats (heating) in Empire.

2.2 Cheats mean any programs or patches that make imbalance in the game
- directly affecting the characteristics of units
- changing the quantity of resources

2.3 Adminstration of the Empire individually decides if the patch or program refers to the cheats (except specified cases - see p. 2.4).

2.4 Cheats do not include
- Denmark patch
- video patches from GSC or AVAR, that allow to run the game on a new generation of graphics cards.

2.5 For using the cheats player will be immediately excluded from the league for an indefinite period.

3. Arguments in Empire and responsibility for the violation of rules.

3.1. All disputable situations are considered by Empire admins, they are neutral and their decisions are indisputable.

3.2. The admins can assign the following measures for the violation of current rules or any other non-sporting behavior: withdrawal from Empire, dismiss to pirates, financial penalties, technical defeat, etc. Besides the player, his empire can also be punished (province confiscation, financial penalties).

3.3. While choosing the measures, admins estimate the Weight of offence, player's approach to it, his preceding behavior and other worthy circumstances.